• How does this work?
  • Where will the meals be placed at my location
  • Who can register?
  • Can I buy on site?
  • Can I take extra boxes for using later?
  • My location is not included
  • How do I register?
  • How much is the cost of the box?
  • What if I am late?
  • What about allergies?
  • When is the cut off for ordering?
  • Can I order for multiple days?
  • Where do the profits go?
  • Is this cooked in a Vegetarian facility
  • When are menus posted
  • What if I have additional questions
The Conscious Life Center is partnering with Kalachandjis, Dallas’s top Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant to provide Vegan/Vegetarian meals in an effort to support the growing community as well as to increase awareness about the Vegetarian/Vegan diet. Boxed lunches packed in compostable boxes will be handed out at various preassigned locations and corporate campuses. The meals will arrive at the preassigned locations by 12.30pm.

Please pick only the number of boxes you ordered from the containers kept at the locations. To avoid wastage, we do not keep extras, so all meals will be prepaid.

Meal registrations are for the present week only (Please do not book for following week). Information must be received preferably by 10.30am on the day you desire to have the meal. In case you cannot book online, please send an email to info@consciousmeals.com


We have made a simple process to order your meals.

Click on the drop down menu to pick the Location that these boxes are to be deliveredd

The add Extra Rotis to the order if desired.

Enter the number of boxes required and press “Add to Cart”

Proceed to Checkout on the next page, where you can add information about the “Day of the week” that you would like your meal. If you have an Account setup with us, a lot of this will be pre-filled for you when you order.

Place your order, and ensure that you get a confirmation that the order when through from Paypal.

Usually the meals will be at the main entrance to your location. If there are multiple entrances, please contact us at 214 642 2488 and we will inform you of the exact location. Your meal will be ready by 12.30pm at your desired location.

We will call you, or if you are on WhatsApp, we will send a message when the meals arrive, so that you can pick up.

Everyone who has access to the corresponding facility.
At this time we are not setup for this and several facilities do not allow onsite payments due to security reasons. We may  have a couple of extra boxes for which you will have to call in (214 642 2488). You will have to pay for it through our website.
Absolutely. The boxes are compostable (made from sugarcane fibers, provided by EcoDallas) though, so they tend to get a little soft on the bottom in case they are kept for an extended period. They are microwaveable and you can reheat your meal
Contact us at info@consciousmeals.com or 214 642 2488 and we will work with you to get Conscious Meals to your location 
We will automatically register you once you have made the payment
Each box costs $6.50 and includes 2 Vegan preparations, 2 Rotis (Wheat flat bread),  Rice, Salad or similar and Halava (Vegetarian sweet)
Please call us at 214 642 2488 in case you are not able to come at the allotted time. Depending on the facility  we might be able to leave your box at the entrance, but not all facilities allow this and jeopardize our ability to continue the program. 
Conscious Meals does not hold responsibility for any allergic reactions for those with food allergies. There is a possibility that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change the formulation at any time, without notice. Customers concerned with food allergies need to be aware of this risk. Conscious Meals (or the restaurants we cater from) will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to food consumed, or items one may come in contact with while eating our products.
Since everything is prepared fresh, we would ideally like to receive all orders by 10.30am on the day the meal is requested. We usually have a couple of extras so call us at 214 642 2488 in case you are ordering after the cutoff time before placing your order 
Sure. When Checking our, In the Days of the week section, please put in the days you need a box. For e.g if you need 2 boxes on Tuesday and 1 on Thursday, order 3 boxes and in the Days of the week mention 2-Tue, 1-Thu. We are not setup for taking orders for multiple weeks at this time.
The profit support the administrative cost of food distribution and making. Any addition profits support Food for Life, a food distribution program (the largest in the world) for Vegan/Vegetarian food distribution. This is a not for profit endeavor and our primary costs are nominal pays for delivery, cooks, logistics and disposables. The primary intention is to increase awareness and support of Vegan/Vegetarian options in the Metroplex
Yes, the highest standards of cleanliness and consciousness is maintained during the preparation of all meals.
The menu is posted the day before. Currently we deliver 3 days a week, Tue Wed and Thursday.
Please call us at 214 642 2488 or email info@consciousmeals.com with your name, location and question