04 Aug

Why a Vegan Diet

For the animals

The most profound effect that that you turning vegan will have is, by your even seemingly tiny effort you have stopped the slaughter and exploitation of some animals. Your sympathy and attachment for the well being of any animal is the correct start for your journey into being a vegan. Even though it is very hard, avoiding animal based products is one of the most obvious ways to take a stand against cruelty against animals everywhere.

For your health

The most touted use of a vegan diet is the health benefits one gets. Most plant eaters are firm believers that being a vegan gives them younger clearer skin, more energy and increased consciousness to the world surrounding us. Scientifically it is also proven that having a vegan diet is beneficial than people who having an average western diet.

Dieticians say that a plant-based diet can fulfil all our dietery requirements including proteins, iron, calcium and several essential vitamins and minerals. These kinds of diets are high in fibre, packed with anti oxidants and contain very less fats that are harmful to the body. This in turn helps to mitigate some of worlds most spread diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and cancer.

For the environment

In this world where in exploitation of our natural resources is at a point where it will cause large problems for our future, the best way is to follow the ‘GO Green’ Mantra. Avoiding all sorts of animal products goes a long way in reducing our carbon footprint and helps the eco system a lot.

Why is meat and dairy so bad for the environment?

To feed the animals that are the source of all the meat takes a huge toll on the environment. This is the major cause for deforestation, habitat loss and many animals being moved into the endangered or extinct species. It takes very less land to feed a population who follow a complete vegan diet. Comparatively it will take 87 times more land and money to feed a similar population that follows a meat based diet. If figures are to be mentioned then in Brazil alone, around 5.6 million acres of land is used to grow feed for animals in a foreign country. This land can be used to grow crops for the impoverished population of 2 to 3 developing countries. This will effectively helping solving malnutrition and reduce our impact on the environment.